With one paragraph I cannot explain what God has done for me. But with a wrapped story, God saved me from committing myself to the biggest mistake of my life by almost marrying a man with diabolical jealousy and greed for money. The man I was going to marry claimed to be a Christian and have more than 28 year relationship with God. Little by little, God showed me his true self throughout the relationship. I was emotionally and psychologically abused that my anxiety and depression that I left behind since the beginning I was introduced to God came back because of him. But I rebuked and rebuked for it to go to the depths of hell as I do not belong to Satan only to God. His jealousy was extreme ill like an example given, we were on call and my little sister needed help with her homework. He told me he will call me later and I helped my sister. Weeks later he complains about the situation. He tells me, “how dare you didn’t give your full attention to me during the call? But to your sister, yes?. I believe you don’t love me then because I’m always doing my part but you can’t do this for me.” And I little by little realized how much of a wolf in sheep’s clothing he was. The greed he reaped was that nothing for him was enough. I did my best to help him in his worst problems with his car. He was complaining how I never do my best for this relationship and was ungrateful for me picking him up 5 minutes late this one time when his car’s AC wasn’t working. Manipulated and lied to throughout the relationship that I reflect now and he never once wanted a commitment with me for marriage. Only I did. I wasn’t introduced to God and Jesus till recently the beginning month of January of 2024. And I accepted Christ and baptized in March 2024. I met this “Christian” Man in January of 2024 too and truly believed he was the one that God sent me for my plan. But it was a test that God sent me and I’m thankful to him for coming to rescue me when I needed him the most. I am now free and moving forward. And that is what God done in my wrapped story.

Shared by Paola

May 2024