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Why Should I Share My Testimony Here?

First of all, Christian testimonies are true stories of people who have experienced or still experiencing the blessings of the Lord Jesus Christ in their life. 

Be it in the past or present, Jesus keeps willing to touch our lives. Not just to shower love and grace, but to give hope and restoration from our problems. The touch could be anything like timing, a message from a friend, warning signs, affection from unexpected people, instincts within the self, etc.

Fortunately, some people realize these little things by themselves and start trusting in the lord. But for some, the lord sends his divine connection through other souls. Thus, Christian testimonial stories are a great way to influence and help other people who are suffering and still searching for a helping hand from the lord.       

Did you know? 

Sharing your Christian testimony of guidance and salvation may light the spark of divinity in other people! 

Sharing your story of love and hope may help other people to find the light at the end of their tunnel!

Sharing your story of restoration may help other people escape from their complications! 

After all, SHARING is CARING. So, start sharing your Christian testimonies/ stories, and let everyone feel the almighty in their lives!   

Now you do know the relevance and significance of sharing your revelation stories with the rest of the world… What next? 

Submit your story here!

Timeless Maze Christian Testimony Categories

  • Healing: The stories of people who were healed with the help of the lord and his meaningful touches 
  • Love and Grace: This covers the testimonies of people who felt love from God in different ways. 
  • Perfect timing: The stories of actions or reactions that occurred in perfect timing by the blessings of Lord Jesus Christ. 
  • Guidance: It includes the testimonies of people who obtained guidance and a path to proceed further in life. 
  • Salvation: The stories of people who felt salvation and preservation apart from the usual guidance from the lord.  
  • Restoration or Revival: The testimonies of people who were bestowed with a mixture of blessings (love, healing, guidance, etc.) 

Timeless Maze Christian Testimony Guidelines

You can submit your revelation stories along with your name, email, and an appropriate title. There is no limitation or restriction on the number of words you can submit. It is optional to send us a photograph of yours.

The editorial team at Timeless Maze will review each of your submissions. Upon approval, you get notified and the same will get published on the website for others to read and benefit from.

You can share the testimonies even if it published on other sites. The only condition to submit your story is the non-exclusive right to review and publish it on our website.

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