Christian Testimony Stories

The Maze is a celebration of God’s perfect timing. How He generates his perfect will; Bringing healing and restoration to us and bringing glory to His Name. Inside you will find Christian testimony stories of guidance, healing, salvation and restoration. Some of these stories were shared by friends, family, and friends of friends over a coffee and a chat, and many were simply (and very gratefully) submitted anonymously online. Some are very brief, and simply reveal how God is interested in the little things of life, while others are miraculous and show that no mountain is too high when God helps us climb it. If you have a story where God revealed his perfect love, perfect grace, or perfect timing; whether this was through healing of body or mind, divine guidance, salvation in bringing you to Christ, or any other event where He revealed His glory in you, then please SHARE YOUR STORY HERE. And please, SHARE this website and its message with your friends.

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