Hi, I wanted to share a brief testimony. In 2019 I was lead by God to re dedicate my life to the Lord Jesus Christ, I got baptized, and started studying the word and teachings from people on YouTube that brought the fire of God in living righteously and how to break generational curses. In 2020 I continued spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ our Savior and Lord more thoroughly, with the importance of living righteously. The old “clique” that I had wasn’t into my interests of righteousness in God, and one of them , (I forgive them) They were of a different religion, I was letting them drive my vehicle (I hadn’t yet understood boundaries in certain areas) and I lost a chunk of time of memory, including working in an area I don’t remember being at at all, well, they pulled my car out in front of an 18 wheeler, (5/21/2020) the 18 wheeler t boned the passenger side – the side I was on, (by the grace of our Holy and Righteous God, I was curled up asleep , with my back turned to it,) my scalp was lacerated, tail bone and pelvic bone cracked, (doctors inserted two metal rods to hold the pelvic bone together) my liver and diaphragm lacerated, right kidney was mildly bruised, collar bone broken, right lung had tubes from punctures from broken ribs in 3 places. (And my 4th toe on my left foot was broken, along with the face bone in association with the front teeth, along with bruising all over,) The miraculous fact of being alive, the mildness of the injuries, the thoroughness of the healing the Lord has done. Prior to the wreck, I was made aware that Jesus is coming back soon (when I was in religion, I thought that it was only whenever we died that we would see Him, I had no idea that He was ever present in our time of need or that He was coming with reward and judgement) the wreck couldnt stop me from spreading God’s word. Jesus Christ of Nazareth saves ! I shared the kindness and truth of Jesus while in the hospital, sought the Lord for strength to overcome the injuries, He helped me fight the negative thoughts and emotions and I was able to leave the hospital in 18 days , 6/08/2020. A month and two days later, there Lord answered my prayer of being able to get out of the ungodly marriage I was in, two months after I left the hospital, I was walking again, by September / October of 2020 I had been lead to Isaiah Saldivar’s ministry. In that time also The Lord sent the man He made me for to invite me to live with him to get out of the dangerous and abusive environments I was in. By December of 2020 , I was pregnant with our daughter. She is a miracle from God because she was conceived during a prayer video, we believed for all infirmities to be broken off my womb. Well she was born in 2021, via c section, when she was 5 months old, I found out that I was pregnant again. In October of 2022 , our second daughter was born via c section. The c sections were performed so that the babies wouldn’t be injured by the rods during contractions. In June of 2023, my husband and I got legally married. During all this time after the wreck, I could not twist my back to pop it. It would hurt my back severely due to the rods. In August of 2023, I received prayer at a tent revival from pastor Mike Signorelli and all of the people there for the metal rods in my pelvic bone to dissolve. Towards the end of 2023, the Lord spoke to me and told me the rods were liquefied due to being incompatible with a healed pelvic bone. (He had my body rid itself of the unneeded metals, the Holy Spirit living in me did the miracle.) It’s February 2024, and for a few weeks, I have been able to pop my back in the spot where I previously couldn’t. While I haven’t gotten an x-ray , I can testify to the belief that the rods are no longer there in Jesus Mighty name! Please reach out if you have any questions. This is so brief, I have many aspects of life to share all for the glory of God in Jesus name.

Shared by Tammra

Feb 2024