Hello! I would like to share how I witnessed Jesus and was healed by him from my disability. I became disabled from POTs syndrome, Mast Cell Activation, Anhidrosis and Ehlers Danlos around the age of 23. I was very sick for many years, laying in the bed most days. It was hard for me to shower, eat food, go places, I couldn’t work, everything was a struggle. I started looking at other beliefs about God after I prayed for healing and didn’t receive it. I lost faith and wasn’t abiding in Jesus. My story is long and a lot happened. The short version is that I actually saw the Lord, Jesus one day. He truly is alive. He is the Messiah and everything the Bible says about him being Lord is the truth. I confessed my sins and said how sorry I was for straying, would God please forgive me? Jesus revealed that even the things the enemy does to destroy you, he can use to His advantage. I was reminded of the Bible verse that talks about him harvesting where he didn’t sow. I began reading the Bible again. I was reading and couldn’t understand it, so I prayed for the Lord to help me understand and read the Bible with me. I saw an image of Him at my bedside washing my feet. He said I should follow his example and that I struggled with selfishness. I understood that he washed other peoples feet in service to them and I should, too. I was shocked and didn’t like the idea of the Lord washing my feet. It felt wrong because of who he is and who I am. The vision faded and I went back to reading the Bible. I was at the exact place where Jesus washes His disciples feet. I knew it had been a true vision from the Lord. God would go on to heal me. Today I can drive, ride my bike 3 miles, walk a mile, gained all my foods back and sing in the chorus at church. Yes, Jesus is alive and the Messiah! He is also returning. Other things happened, but this is my witness of the Lord being alive and how he healed me.


Shared by Lindsay

March 2024