As I write this , I’m in tears ,not because I’m sad ..but because when I think of how far the Lord has brought me, I can’t help but cry . I have a hearing disability . I lost my hearing in my left ear in 2010 when I was just 10 years old due to Child abuse defined as ” instilling discipline” in boarding school ; The assigned caretaker for my class slapped me real hard for wetting my bed . My life hasn’t been the same since. I managed to get good grades that took me to high school where I decided to do a confirmatory test to be sure that I had lost my hearing in my left ear . At the time, I was struggling with being a teen and this discovery threw me off guard, however I knew I could still achieve my dreams despite my disability . Some of my classmates that knew about my condition laughed at me and I suddenly became withdrawn from society. My performance which was already bad btw ..just got worse! I was always the last in class ( people didn’t have to worry about being the last because they were so sure I was there to hold the position) but I didn’t stop asking God to change my situation. By God’s grace, I was able to get fair enough grades to get me into university ..No body even thought I would make it there but I did. I started manifesting positivity into my life , prayed more and kept on believing that God has a special plan for me. I struggled hard during Campus but despite my many odds , I graduated with an honors degree ( which people weren’t expecting…infact others were wishing it wouldn’t happen) and also managed to start a wellness company that improves mental health through self care . My faith was tested after graduation when I was applying for postgraduate school. You see, I have always wanted to study in the UK since I was a child and my parents had agreed that after the first degree, I’d go. I applied to plenty of schools that gave me admissions but our funds weren’t enough and I didn’t get any scholarship that I applied for so with a very broken heart and severe depression, I gave up my dream of studying in the UK and decided to study a masters in my home country ( I was discouraged a lot by friends and family who told me I was too young ( 23 at the time and also the youngest in my class ) and that i will fail to complete it on time ( course duration is 2 years) . I watched my friends move to the UK to study and the depression that followed was intense. I continuously kept on asking God to continue doing his will and He really did . Despite missing out on my UK dream earlier, God showed me immense love ; God blessed me tremendously with good grades for my current masters ; I currently have a First Class and I’ve been cleared by my department to progress to the fast track program where I finish my degree in a year ( this is a big deal in my country; it’s a sign to show that you’re academically gifted ) .This is a sign from God that my dreams are valid . This should also serve as an example to everyone with a disability that thinks they can’t make it; YOU CAN! if you believe and have faith.

Shared by Ren

March 2024