I know I cannot see you with my own eyes. But I know you are real. For I can feel you with each day going by. Oh, how can I describe the love you made me feel? When I sing to you. I can feel you coursing through my body. It is hard to describe but it almost feels like butterflies going through you. I wish others could feel the love you give to me. My heart is complete for I know that even if I lost my biological dad, you were always there and will always be there. You have walked with me through all my struggles and never left my side. You have made me feel things when I thought I could not feel anything. People often say that they are impressed by how strong I am especially going through so much, and to answer that, I was never alone. You gave me strength when I thought my life was over. That is why I am here today, because of you. You picked me up and showed me that even with hatred and unkindness, love will always be the answer. You showed me to seek happiness beyond the materialistic things in this world. You showed me the most beautiful skies. In the morning and in the evening and at night with the millions of stars shining. You gave me comfort through the windy days as the breeze goes by. You showed me the peace that comes from being in nature. Just standing still and appreciating your beautiful creation. At times I can feel you so strongly in my heart, I get so overwhelmed with happiness. I remember when I first felt you. I could not stop crying tears of joy. I felt so loved and free. There are times I wandered without you and thought I did not need you, but I was so wrong. I have never felt so alone and depressed in my life. I know being with you does not mean my life will be easy, but I know that I have you with me every step of the way and I know you will never forsake me. You will never give more than I can handle. You have shown me so much love, hope, my self-identity, and gave me the strength and courage to keep going. That is why my heart is so full. Through all the horrible things in this world I just want to love people and show them the love you give to me so that they can feel you and pass it on to the next. You have healed me when I thought I could not be whole again and I want show others that just because they are going through something hard, it will not be forever and that they can be healed. You gave me my spark back and I will always be grateful so i will always pass it on and be an image of you.

Shared by Lily

May 2024