I am from Brahmin family, I believe in Jesus whole heartedly that he is my saviour. Last year I was coughing for six months continuously and felt very weak, in the month of November 26th midnight I was having breathing problem, suddenly I felt like I will die on that moment and running in bedroom here and there, my husband and son came to me and holding tightly asking me what happened but I could not talk to them, they immediately understood that I was having breathing problem and both of them carried me and put me in car. My son driven the car very fast to Apollo hospital emergency ward, I was jumping on the bed and I thought of jump from bed go out and die myself falling under some vehicle since breathlessness was very severe but all doctors nurses surrounded me without getting it down from bed. Suddenly on the bed I called out only one name that is JESUS, immediately I fell on my face on bed and omitted 3cms of big Lump with blood and fell unconscious. Doctors seeing that lump astonished and told to my family miracle happened without doing major operation it came out on its own and sent that lump to biopsy after one week we came to know that I had fourth stage lung cancer. Apollo hospital famous oncologist after seeing the report immediately she has to take six rounds of chemotherapy each chemo three days he said, after that also she will live for only three months in front of me when he told like that I immediately told him doctor I will live for 30 years my Jesus will save me I said and he looked at me and laughed. Instead of six chemos I took only three chemos and I was in death bed due to chemo, so immediately I told doctor I will not take no more chemo, doctor said you will die if you don’t complete full course of treatment, I said no problem and I discharged from hospital immediately. Jesus is great wonderful God so he has given thorough knowledge to my son Suhas, he was sitting next to me and attended me like his own child. He made me to sit in sun daily half a hour, taking good supplements, no white rice, wheat, sugar. Eating only millets and healthy stuff, mainly praying to Jesus and praising him at all time in my mind, doing all these things within two months I was absolutely normal by the grace of Jesus. Bible clearly says when you have mustard size faith I will be with you, this is 100 percent right and Jesus what he says he follows but we have to be faithful to him. All glory to Jesus alone. Now I have been living one year three months, praise be to Jesus.

Shared by Sandhya

May 2024