I really want to bless the name of the Lord, i really wanted to be in the medical field firstly as a Medical Doctor since when i was much younger. Few years ago, i got accepted into a developing University to do an A’level programme so that from the A’levels i could go study Medicine, but i literally wasn’t focused, i got a boyfriend, did some unpleasant things with him, and eventually i failed my A’levels woefully and had no other choice but to go for the A,levels again, going for the second time i made some life changes, kind of got closer to God, and then to God be the Glory i barely passed, but i passed. Due to an issue i stayed home for a year then i got admission to study Microbiology but i didn’t want to study the course. I became very interested in Nursing and the year i got admission to study Microbiology the school got accredited for Nursing programme, i wanted to apply for the Nursing but due to some issues i wasn’t allowed but i was told that the following year if i was still interested i could switch from Microbiology to Nursing, The following year came and i began the process and i was told that it was not possible for me to switch, but i tried anyways, i cried my eyes out to God and prayed to him, i even went to see the Vice Chancellor of the University because i was so desperate to switch. I’m here to say that for my sake God broke protocols, he troubled the VC for my sake and finally all Glory to God i got admitted to study Nursing. PRAISE THE LORD.

Shared by Deborah

Feb 2024