Imagine spending 29 years of your life working tirelessly for an organization, just to be told you are no longer needed. This is what happened to Gregory Cellini in 2006, when he was laid off from the pharmaceutical industry after almost three decades of service. In this heartbreaking and confusing moment, he decided to turn to God. Just like a young Francis of Assisi, Greg needed God’s direction. Through reflection, prayer, and the encouragement of a career advisor, Greg realized that his personal gifts and efforts lent far better toward religious life than corporate life. Through steady discernment, he learned that God was leading him to join the Franciscan Brothers of Brooklyn. As a result, Brother Greg’s life was forever transformed. “Becoming a Franciscan Brother of Brooklyn has led to joy and fulfillment which I never thought were possible.” Brother Greg now dedicates his life to helping others to reflect on their own career and to take a heart-centered approach toward their work life. His recent book, “Transform Yourself – Transform the World: A Franciscan View of Career” includes real examples and interactive activities which help readers embrace a wider view of their own contribution – focusing not just on personal success, but on actions that will positively transform themselves and the world. These days, Brother Greg dedicates his time to hosting the long-running radio show, “Thank God For Monday,” which airs every Saturday at 8:30 a.m. on 89.5 FM. He also serves as the Director of the Office of Mission, Ministry, and Interfaith Dialogue at St. Francis College. It is there that he teaches a Franciscan Career Transformation course, where he shares his experience and inspires college students to look wholeheartedly to God, especially during turbulent times. “It has nothing to do with me. It’s this darn Holy Spirit,” Brother Greg said. “Ironically, I am able to bring these ideas to the table because of my 29-year career in pharmaceuticals. These are ideas that probably someone who’s been in religious life their whole life would not come across or think of.” It just goes to show how God can take one of the most difficult, heartbreaking moments in someone’s life and turn it into a beautiful testimony for His service and glory.

Submitted by Brother Gregory Cellini


Dec 2023