I’m a 26yo lady, i Come from the carribeans, Saint-Martin Island.

Born in a disfunctional environnement with drugs addict parents and two brother’s.
Father from Guadeloupe island, not really religious, mom from Morocco with high faith, attached to Muslim religion and Christianity.
My father introduced my mom to drugs and use to forced her to take it, unfortunately, she was so fragile and sensitive that she end up suffering from schizophrenia, so he decided to hospitalized her.
But at least I didn’t have to see her forced to take cocaine or get raped anymore.

So here I am with a drugged/alcoholic father, which comes with manipulations, vices, lies… A REAL narcissistic pervert.
As soon as I got old enough, around 12, I started running away from home and school, I was out on the beach or somewhere with my school friends having fun and probably smoking weed..
And of course, the time came when the French system seized my case because of my behavior, and placed me in children’s home and foster care, until I was 18 years old.

I then decided to join the army, I stayed there for two years before returning to my Island after the disaster of Hurricane Irma.
And this is when a “friend of mine” asked me to find him a girl who would travel with a suitcase full of dirty money to another country; when the day came she got caught up by the law at the airport.
She was then locked up, sent to jail, and told the cops I was the head of the business..
A year passed without hearing from her, the law, or even the guys.

And it’s when I decided to go back to the army and sign my contract to leave the island that the cops came to get me and locked me up.
At this time in my life, my mother had died 3 years prior and I had lost my boyfriend 3 months before to gunshots, I was 21.

So now I’m sitting in jail, with grief and mourning for the most important people in my life, completely lost, wondering what my future will be like and trying to figure out my purpose, if only I had one.

Even though she was dysfunctional, my mother had taught me to pray, she always told me to protect my heart, especially as a woman to be.
She had planted a seed in my heart, I wouldn’t say I used to pray to God, rather I would say before that I was mumbling to someone or something.
In prison, I decided to read the Bible and go to church, that’s when my encounter with God happened.
One day I was reading the Bible and something just moved me, I felt like I was reading my own self, I was reading about me and about the person, about the young woman and the woman that I subconsciously wanted to become.

Everything about protecting my heart, being careful about what I say, what I think, how I see and treat people, the role of a woman…
It’s everything that i ever wanted to be, I didn’t know it was possible..

I got baptized in prison, and a week later they released me.
And it was so difficult for me to change my life, because this road did not correspond to the lifestyle and the peoples I had chosen until then. I really had to close the door and never look back if I wanted to grow in this direction, without hypocrisy.

I decided to go to Europe for a better life, but that life I left behind was never far away, the same people I went to jail for watched me and “find me” through “close friends”.
They hacked my phone, tried to put me through hell, they sent a man to seduce me and try to destroy my character.
I don’t regret it, but I know I made a mistake by choosing to handle this like the old me would have, even if it gave me the last word.
He made me spend money on him, we had intimacy, he tried to make me lose my job and so much more..
But when you’re truly gifted you can see everything.
He shares his life with a girl he laughs and jokes about me with, she’s a friend of the man I fell in jail for.. Every time he makes me spend my money on him, he was going to spend money on her; She’s very loud, the type who swallows cocaine to make a quick buck, with an Onlyfan account, almost naked every day.. Craving money… She embraces the spirit of Jezebel.
If it wasn’t for the things I learned in my previous life, I wouldn’t have been able to handle this; I’m very discreet, humble, sweet and calm, I don’t go out, I’m not on social medias, I focus on my career and on my heart, I really grow into something better every day..
But they wanted to play with me, so I showed them how I played, until I decided to show him that I knew who he was.

And even though it broke my heart because of the purity I try to keep, I did it knowing how strong and powerful I am.
Everything about me is precious and I would go to war for what’s mine.
God gifted me and I can’t thank him enough ????