I started my post graduate degree in 2021, in the first semester I also got a part time job, little did I know this job would result in me having to re-sit 3 assignments . I had fallen behind academically during the first semester because of the additional work load of having to work part time. In January during the second semester I received my results for my semester 1 assignments. I had failed 3 assignments . I wanted to drop out of my post graduate because I thought there was no way I’d pass all 3 assignments in the second semester as well as the existing modules I already had. I prayed and asked Jesus to give me the courage to continue and so he did. The 3 assignments I had to re-sit were extremely difficult and I was afraid I would not pass them. I cried out to Jesus and asked for his help, I knew my entire masters degree was in jeopardy if I didn’t pass these re-sit assignments. I sat the assignments and passed all 3 assignments very well. I knew it was only God and not through my own strength, Thankyou Jesus!!!!!