I had a dream last night I was hiding under the kitchen counter I was hiding from satan he was looking for me and I thought he didn’t see me but he was pretending and then he saw me he laughed in a very disgusting way he was worst he was looking so disgusting all red covered in blood and his teeth were long and sharp I started to cry when I knew he saw me he was laughing at my situation he bite my hand and pulled me out and then he throw me so hard out of the window that suddenly i was in the sky on a ground full of crowd millions of people were looking at me and I saw my family friends present there too. They were just looking at me doing nothing knowing I will fall and get hurt but I knew one thing in my dream also that Jesus was with me even though I knew I will fall I had trust that Jesus will hold me catch me I sad God help me please. Then I saw a bunch of wheat and rice grains and flour also out of nowhere came out and I fell on it I was not hurt . I stood up and saw everyone looking at me but no body came to check on me if I’m dead or alive I stood and walked like nothing happened and then I looked up and saw a tall dark man with white garment golden stipes on it bright like sun walking towards me with his hands open to hug me . When I saw him in one glance I knew it that he was no body else but Jesus and I started crying I stopped pretending like nothing happened and in a movement I saw my father I cried so hard in few steps I was in his embrace he hugged me tight and said do not be afraid I’m always here with you and then he looked at me smiled and put his hand on my shoulder and we started walking I wasn’t looking where we going I was not worried anymore all I knew was I had Jesus so I just walked with him and then in few steps I saw a lot of people sitting in a row wearing bright white cloth Jesus made me sit in them and then I saw myself wearing the same bright white cloth . They were the chosen one. I was the chosen one too , a girl like me was chosen I was shocked when I realised it , and then I saw angle Michel standing to the right side of Jesus I saw god father but I wasnt able to look at his face I dont remember also. And then all of the people started dancing rejoicing too I was looking here and there everyone was happy and then I looked at Jesus who was sitting on the throne he was straight looking at me , he smiled and I woke up from my dream.  All I know is Im crying while writing this all I can think to do was to tell this to everyone but Im scared to make a video on social media reveling my face knowing this that most of the people would not take the message or not understand me but make a joke of me so I wrote it hear I praise Jesus I know him its not like Im a non worshiper I worship my father And this is how much he loves me that he died for me and choose to came for me to help me in all those people. I love Jesus so much I hope my story will reach to right person who will be thinking that there is no one for us just remember that you always have Jesus by your side no matter what he will always choose you.

Submitted by Krutika

December 2023