I was sleeping until I was awaken at 3 in the morning. Normally, I would go back to sleep but something told me not to. Before I begin, keep in mind that I’ve been in a constant battle of trying to be all for the Lord. I keep getting distracted by worldly things and I don’t want to live for the world, but how could I show God that, if all I do is act like I want to live for the world. I grabbed my phone and went to TikTok for some source of entertainment. My fyp (recommended videos for me) and are usually only K-Pop videos but all of a sudden it was flooded with Christian content. I watched it because itd been a while since I’d seen videos like that and there was a video saying that there was no time left and I have to get right with God, there were a lot of videos like this so after I watched those I knew I had to repent and ask God for forgiveness. I genuinely felt guilt wash over me for not doing it sooner and after I asked for forgiveness I told my boyfriend about it because I learned that to be forgiven you have to confess your sins to someone else as well. Before I asked for forgiveness, I felt something, like squeezing my heart. I rebuked it just in case, and it went away. Jesus is King and I believe wholeheartedly that he died on the cross for my sins.