About a year ago. I was 13, My life was great. But I was never close to God. Then things started going downhill. My parents split up. They got new partners. My grades went down. I got depressed. So depressed I couldn’t focus in school. I didnt even tell anybody because my mom wouldn’t believe me. She thinks I’m too young to feel this way. I would get so upset I would physically cut myself every night. I would stay up for days in a row. And one night I was going to unalive myself. My blinds was open, so before I was possibly going to. I went to close my blinds. So, outside of my house there’s nothing but trees you can see from a distance. And in the middle of those trees all you can see is a big “t” sign above all of them. You can’t see the church. Just the “t”. The church was in the middle of the woods right outside my window. So as I closed the blinds I stood there because I saw the “t” above everything and these thoughts came to me. I don’t know how to best explain it. But something was telling me to go to church tomarrow. It was a Saturday night. I tried SO hard to erase the thought of going to church. Because the only way I would go to church is to be forced. But as I kept trying to get the thought away. It just got worse. The thought wouldn’t leave. God wasn’t giving up on me. I stood up as if someone was controlling me. I held back tears. It 100% felt like I was being controlled and physically told to go to church the next day. I asked my mom, she said yeah but was confused on why I asked so late. When I was in my room that night I thought about why I needed to go to church so much. The next day, at church they were talking about everything I was going through. Depression, SH, anxiety, and others that hit me. The words that flew into my ears never left. This day will always hold a special place in my heart. I was crying at church it Hit so hard. Every since that day, my faith has grew. I go to church all the time! And I’m getting baptized here in a couple weeks and am very impatient haha! I couldn’t of done it without God. He saved me that night. He took away my pain. He did this all to grow closer to me. Because before the pain when my life was all fun and happy I never even truly knew who he was. But now I do. He does everything for a reason. Now, of course I do have rough days still. I struggle with faith sometimes, and I sin to much, and don’t pray enough. But I’m getting better! Process is slow but God will wait for me. He will help me grow. I know it was him that night telling me to not do that to myself. He wanted me to hear the message that was at church for me.