Hallelujah!! Praise the living God. I have come to return praise to God for all the wondrous works he has done in my life. I recently lost a brother and was travelling back home with some friends for his funeral. We had an accident along the way, Our car was behind a long trailer (truck) in the speed lane. Unknown to us, a pedestrian who we later discovered was deaf ran in to cross the road after the trailer not realizing that our car was in the behind. Unfortunately and tragically it was a head on collision as there was no time and space to manoeuvre to avoid the collision. Except for minor scratches from the splintered windscreen none of the five persons in our car were hurt. This spot is notorious for accidents as we were later told by the police, three days after the accident another accident happened around the same place with three casualties. So like the Samaritan woman and the leper i have come to return all glory to God for all he has done for me and implore you all to help me thank Him for finding me worthy of being among the living. I also pray he will continue to deliver us all from the fowler’s snare in Jesus name. Amen.