God has been moving in my life big time. I made a move after 16 years abroad, and walked away from an established career and network. Starting all over is challenging, but I turn to the only constant in my life when things are the hardest. I gave my life to Christ over 20 years ago, but over the past year or so it feels almost as if I’ve gotten saved all over again. I’ve been taken out of my comfort zone, and thrust into a place of where things never seem clear or certain.. In this season I am learning what it means to lean on God… Above all things, seeking first His kingdom, His righteousness (Mathew 6:33); and learning how to be content in all circumstances (Philippians 4: 11-13). So far I’ve learned that His word is true and He is faithful. There have been numerous times where I didn’t have an answer or solution to problems that I faced after making the move, but God always showed up and got me through. There are still many obstacles in my way. Many problems that have yet to be solved.. Through all of this, God has called me, to walk in faith and not be discouraged by the waves/wind (Peter walking on the water). I am not out of the wind yet, but I will keep my focus on God! Help me Lord to keep my focus on you! Don’t look at the sea.. Don’t be overcome with fear. Trust in the calling! Step out on faith and walk!