I had just moved to Johannesburg in July 1995 from Durban to pursue my career. I moved into a house in Bryanston , Johannesburg sharing with 3 other people.

It was a Monday night and I got home from work feeling tired, decided to go run my bath water and then went to the kitchen to get a drink of water. As I walked into the kitchen . I saw 2 men, but I did not think anything of it as sharing a house with 3 other guys, I just assumed it must be one of the housemates friends , so I said ‘Hello’. The next minute I saw they had a gun and they pointed it at me .

I screamed and ran into the lounge area. My one housemate was sleeping and when he heard me screaming he knew there was someone in the house. The 2 men then proceeded to tie my housemate up and said they will take me outside. We both knew what that meant and I decided to pray and ask God to please protect me and let no harm come to me. The 2 guys with the gun then decided not to take me outside and instead tied me up too with a wire coat hanger. I had an extreme sense of peace within me whilst I was praying and I just knew in my heart I was not going to be hurt. As a matter of fact, as the one guy was busy tieing me up, he actual said in a gentle manner, don’t worry we will not hurt you! They 2 men continued to point the gun at us and although they did keep threatening us for an hour, I did not for one second feel scared. I had such peace within me. Eventually after realising that there was no safe and guns in the house they left.

I manage to untie myself and call the police. I did not suffer from any post traumatic sense and although my housemate did, I just could not believe how fine and at peace I felt. I thank God for His divine protection and all I can say is praise and glory to Him forever, He protected me and plus I walked away without feeling scared or suffering from any post traumatic stress. I was so blessed no harm came to me as that period of time there were many armed bulgaries in Bryanston, Johnnesburg, whereby the burglars would through boiling water over you, torture you with a hot iron and rape you. I was protected by all of that.