Many years ago, I was at our church service in a small country town in New Zealand. My husband Brian was unable to be there that morning. A missionary gave a talk about her work in Indonesia, helping very needy families.

It really touched my heart to hear what she was doing for them. She needed money to continue her work and asked the congregation to pledge money for her to do this. I pledged $1 a day for a year, thinking that we could afford to give $30 a month to help this cause. What I had missed in her talk was that the donations were collected annually. She thanked us all for the money we had pledged amd asked if we could all have it for her by the end of the month as it was needed right away.

I drove home realising that Brian and I would have to find $365 within a week if I was going to keep my word, and this was going to be very difficult for us.

That evening our neighbour Michael called in. He was harvesting his maize and needed a driver for his truck for the next week, as his usual driver had broken his leg. Brian had a heavy traffic license so was able to drive Michael’s truck for the next week and take all the grain to the large silos 10 kilometres away, which was where all the farmers sold their grain.

Just before the money was due for the missionary, Michael came to pay Brian for his work. He wrote a cheque for exactly $365 and then asked who he should make the cheque out to. It was the exact amount which I had pledged to give to the missionary. Brian smiled and said make it out to the missionary! We now had the money for the missionary and I was able to give her the cheque. God was there for us all at this time.

Christine – New Zealand