A friend and I decided to go out for dinner. Another friend reminded me to constantly be led by the Spirit. At the restaurant, I was sitting with my back to the door. After eating dinner in Covent Garden, my friend and I were talking when I had a sudden urge to turn and look at the door. I almost expected someone I knew to walk in. The door was closed. I went back to talking when I felt the urge to turn again. Again, no one .The third time, my friend asked me what was going on and I told her I thought we were supposed to leave the restaurant but not go home. She agreed that she had been thinking it was time to go.

Outside the door, we weren’t sure where to go so we decided to literally do what my other friend had suggested and be led by Holy Spirit. We asked where to go and followed the promptings. At one point, we turned onto Regents Street and headed down the street. I thought I knew where we were going when I felt a strong urge to look behind me. I knew we should turn around because we were going the wrong direction.

We followed the promptings of Holy Spirit until we ended up in Piccadilly Circus. Just as we reached Piccadilly Circus ambulances went by and we knew that is where we were supposed to be. As emergency services were carrying people out of the Apollo Theatre where the roof had collapsed, we stationed ourselves just outside to pray for the injured. The police nearby were shooing everyone else who got too close away. But it was almost as if they didn’t see us as they ignored us completely!

My friend and I both knew we were meant to be there at that time to pray for the injured and Holy Spirit had led us there.